Sample RFID Applications

DataQ applications for RFID functions.


RFID Scout works with a Zebra RFD8500 RFID reader and can,

  • Perform simplified RFID Inventory
  • Assist in the Identification of RFID Tag Models
  • Conduct RFID Audits by validating the RFID tag against product information
  • Locate RFID Tag

The apps needs to be connected to a ZebraRFD8500 RFID Reader through Bluetooth to read RFID tags.

Cycle Count – RFID Scout can be used to perform RFID inventory (or cycle counts). The RFID inventory data can be exported as a CSV file or can be accessed from an online dashboard. Decoding the EPC in the cycle count is also available when exporting as CSV. Decoding is done with GS1 standards (GS1 API).

Audit – The app can be used to conduct RFID audits which validates the information from the RFID tag against the product information. The dashboard provides a detailed audit report with the issues observed during the audit.

Tag Identifier – Assist in the identification of RFID tag model by narrowing down the list of potential tags based on the information from the RFID tag.

Locate RFID Tag – The app can be use to locate the RFID tag given the pattern of the tag.

RFID Logger

RFID Logger works with a Zebra RFID reader and can,

  • Provides an interface to read and log RFID tags.
  • Saves a periodical log of all available RFID tags with its seen count, timestamp, PC bits, RSSI, Antenna ID etc.
  • Periodicity of the logging can be changed from.

The app needs to connect the reader with the desktop (Ethernet/Network router/Usb) to read RFID tags.

System Requirements

  • Our application is packaged into a runnable jar format. 
  • Runs on Java 8. Requires JDK version 1.8 ()


  • Connect the reader with the desktop (Ethernet/Network router/Usb).
  • Run the application and connect using the IP address of the linked reader.
  • Set up the saving directory and rate.
  • Start reading tags.